Sunday, January 30, 2011

If you're out there! Help!

I need recommendations on a race/class combo! If you guys are reading, and interested, recommend something you'd like to read about!

Info can be found here!

Return to Everquest!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I'm your host, Kinsata! Before I get into the nit and the grit of my return to EverQuest, I'd like to go into my history with EverQuest.Or rather Return to Everquest: The Prequel!

I played shortly release of the fourth expansion, Planes of Power (PoP). That was late 2002. I remember it in particular, becuase my girlfriend at the time wanted to get me PoP for Christmas, so I had to wait. (The expansion had come out in December!!) And I remember her wrapping it in several trash bags, which were then covered in duct tape, then placed inside several boxes. It was a pain in my ass to unwrap!

Anywho, I played a Dwarven Warrior, and never really got too far in the game, low 40s, maybe.

Well, it's 9 years later now, and I'm fed up with the easy, grind a little, huge reward games that flood the market today. I recently purchased DC Universe Online, and when registering, it offered me Sony Station access, which is a service that gives you access to several SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) games for one charge. I noticed that EverQuest was amongst them. Quickly I lost interest in DCUO (Though it is a fine game.) and installed EQ almost immediately!

Coming soon, My first in game Related post! (Hopefully with screenshots!)

Level 0 Returning EQ player.