Sunday, January 30, 2011

Return to Everquest!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I'm your host, Kinsata! Before I get into the nit and the grit of my return to EverQuest, I'd like to go into my history with EverQuest.Or rather Return to Everquest: The Prequel!

I played shortly release of the fourth expansion, Planes of Power (PoP). That was late 2002. I remember it in particular, becuase my girlfriend at the time wanted to get me PoP for Christmas, so I had to wait. (The expansion had come out in December!!) And I remember her wrapping it in several trash bags, which were then covered in duct tape, then placed inside several boxes. It was a pain in my ass to unwrap!

Anywho, I played a Dwarven Warrior, and never really got too far in the game, low 40s, maybe.

Well, it's 9 years later now, and I'm fed up with the easy, grind a little, huge reward games that flood the market today. I recently purchased DC Universe Online, and when registering, it offered me Sony Station access, which is a service that gives you access to several SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) games for one charge. I noticed that EverQuest was amongst them. Quickly I lost interest in DCUO (Though it is a fine game.) and installed EQ almost immediately!

Coming soon, My first in game Related post! (Hopefully with screenshots!)

Level 0 Returning EQ player.

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