Sunday, January 30, 2011

If you're out there! Help!

I need recommendations on a race/class combo! If you guys are reading, and interested, recommend something you'd like to read about!

Info can be found here!


  1. Because EQ is an aged game, there are very few new players, and the result is barren newbie lands. That's rather discouraging to the new player. Mercenaries (NPC group members for hire) make it possible for new players to advance without groups now. So, whatever class you choose, you'll be able to "hire" a healer/DPS/tank type, to make up your deficiencies, despite the absense of other real players. That's really not why one plays an online game, but at least it makes it playable for new players. The EQ game at this point is very complex, with too much for new players to absorb, and gameplay has been made much too easy, similar to WoW.

    But a great experience is on the horizon: the named Fippy Darkpaw time locked progression server ("TLS"), which is scheduled to come online in March this year. It will be flooded with level 1 players, all crammed into the first game, pre-Kunark expansion, so fun and friendship will be available for all. The TLS will roll things back to approximately how they were at launch in 1999, and will slowly open each expansion. Details are coming soon.

    If you're interested in the TLS and want to connect with a guild that might be suitable, visit Ferocity (aka "Exile") at

  2. Thanks for your comment Opal! I had read about Fippy, and was considering it. ;) The jist of this post though was to see if there was an interest out there to read about a certain class over any other one.

    I'll be looking into the site you listed, and thank you for the heads up. :)

    How did you find the blog, if you come back to peek, and don't mind me asking.