Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yay for Downtime

No post today, servers were down for maintenance during my normal play time, will get a post in tomorrow. :)

Here's a screenshot from my folder though, to tide you over.

Warlord Zyzz in all his awesomeness!


  1. Man, he looks like he could beat Chuck Norris. I kid, no one can beat Chuck Norris. lol

  2. Funny that the servers still have downtime

  3. They actually patched, and added some items to the marketplace. They're still putting effort into it.

    And even though we know who'd win between Warlord Zyzz and Chuck Norris, I'd still pay to see that fight.

  4. WHen looking at the thumbnail Zyzz looks like he is wearing a skin-tight wet suit of some sort.

  5. @Aquadog - That's chain mail armor, can't really tell in the pic, but he's wearing armor with holes in it, and you can see his scales underneath.

    @Jordan - He does all right for an Iksar. Hard scales covering your body prevent your muscles from getting too big, but I tell you, the chain armor and yellow leather combo is about as aesthetically pleasing as it gets in Calibis.